Compound Management

Connecting and accelerating your drug discovery: rapid compound sourcing and aggregation, secure storage, flexible cherry picking and plating, with full visibility of your inventory at all times


BioAscent offers customers straightforward and cost-effective access to the big-pharma calibre compound management capabilities and expertise at our €20 million facility. We give customers the peace-of-mind that their compounds are aggregated and stored securely, their inventory is up-to-date and trackable, and compounds can be accessed and delivered quickly and easily – something that is especially critical for innovative biotechs working with a network of CROs.

We manage libraries of all sizes, ranging from tens to hundreds-of-thousands of compounds. But our customers all have this in common – they choose BioAscent to cost-effectively and securely manage their compounds, connect their CRO network, and accelerate their design-make-test cycles.

Why BioAscent

Our customers benefit from rapid compound sourcing and aggregation, secure storage, up-to-date visibility of all samples and orders with a full audit trail, and rapid delivery of solids or liquids in any format, up to and including screen-ready Assay Ready Plates (ARPs).

“ODD has been working with BioAscent for over two years, since we transferred our entire compound management to them. The logistical services are reasonably priced and reduce the burden on our chemists for weighing and dispatching allowing greater productivity. BioAscent can accommodate varying storage requirements for our compounds that reflect differing stabilities and are able to perform analysis on the samples when needed. The shipping turnaround from BioAscent is always rapid and they can accommodate differing shipping formats and often, last-minute changes in our requirements.” – Oxford Drug Design.

Our Customers

We manage libraries of all sizes for over 70 customers from across the globe, ranging from big pharma to virtual biotechs and charity and academic consortia in both North America and Europe, and we currently hold and manage over 1.5 million compounds for them in both liquid and solid formats. Via the European Lead Factory we also provide compound management for collections from AstraZeneca, Bayer, Grunenthal, Janssen, Merck KgaA, Sanofi, Servier and UCB.

Our expertise in cherry picking, reformatting, shipping and data management has allowed us to deliver over 100,000 screening plates globally to our customers and their partner testing laboratories since 2013.

“VAST Bioscience was looking for a compound management provider that is competitively priced, and is fast and flexible in order to service both our screening collaborations of VAST libraries, and our internal drug discovery programs. We have been very pleased with the professionalism that BioAscent has brought to the table, in particular the rapid response and turnaround time for delivering plating orders and shipment, combined with the flexibility and attention to detail. BioAscent has been reliable, timely and accurate, and it was very pleasing to see the positive impact on our internal and external projects.” – VAST Bioscience


Our compound management services allow our customers to both save costs and accelerate their drug discovery. Operating since 2005, our €20 million facility stores and manages customer libraries ranging in size from tens to hundreds-of-thousands of compounds in both liquid and solid formats. We support all stages of the drug discovery process from screening and hit identification through to lead optimisation and candidate selection, with on-site in vitro biosciences and medicinal chemistry available if required.

BioAscent can support some or all of your key compound management activities including aggregation, storage, weighing, dissolution, plating (including acoustic dispensing and Assay Ready Plates), LC-MS analysis and distribution. We provide both standalone activities on a fee-for service basis, as well as fully integrated compound management services. However you work with us, a dedicated account manager works with you and your R&D partners, and our transparent activity pricing makes it easy to calculate cost savings.

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Compound Connect

Developed by BioAscent, Compound Connect is our web-based interface providing customers with secure access to a customised, online inventory and ordering system for their compound library. The fully auditable order fulfilment system interfaces with the BioAscent Titian Mosaic compound management system and is also compatible with existing customer informatics systems.

Compound Connect is easy to use and secure, and allows customers to:

Download more information about Compound Connect here.

“Our partnership with BioAscent combines our long-standing expertise in high content cell based phenotypic screening with BioAscent’s expertise in compound management and quality control processes for compound storage, identification and resupply. Our discussions with BioAscent have been very dynamic and interactive which has helped ensure we developed the compound management solution which best meets our needs. The ongoing relationship with BioAscent and their fast response times are directly supporting our broader goals to establish a world leading cell based screening capability which spans across multiple disease areas” – Neil Carragher, Professor of Drug Discovery, University of Edinburgh.

Compound management case studies

Key activities for our customers

Aggregation of compounds from your chemistry labs and CRO partners

Data management - inventory management and ordering

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Flexible and auditable cherry picking, reformatting and shipping
Rapid delivery to in-house labs or global CRO partners
Selecting and sourcing custom libraries

Our Individual Services

Aggregation, Inventory Consolidation & Management

Compound Selection

via our computational chemistry team, or in partnership with your computational chemists

Compound Procurement

via preferred partners

Storage of both solid & liquid samples

in multiple storage formats at different temperatures

Compound Dissolution

Compound Weighing

Automated Tube Picking (96 & 384-well tubes)

within controlled -20°C environment

Automated Reformatting & Plating

within controlled, low humidity environment (96, 384 & 1536-well plates)

Flexible layouts

Dose Response Curves (DRC) plates, compound pooling…

Acoustic Dispensing & Assay Ready Plates

Quality Control (LC-MS and NMR Analysis)

Compound Shipping & Logistics

to in-house & partner testing laboratories

Online Inventory & Ordering

Fully auditable order fulfilment via Titian Software’s Mosaic 8

Software Development & Data Management

via our in-house team

Compound Collection Backup & Disaster Recovery

All Compound Management Services available for controlled/scheduled substances

Operating since 2005, our €20 million facility stores and manages customer libraries ranging in size from tens to hundreds-of-thousands of compounds in both liquid and solid formats. We continually invest in new cutting-edge equipment, software and expertise to provide our customers with cost-effective, big-pharma calibre compound management services, and the cycle-time savings and security that these services deliver.

Our Experts

The BioAscent compound management team is led by Dr Sylviane Boucharens. A drug discovery and compound management expert with over 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, Sylviane led the global compound repository team and the in vitro screening team at the Merck Sharpe & Dohme / Schering Plough / Organon site in Newhouse, Scotland at which BioAscent is now based.

Sylviane is supported by a team of experts in compound management, data management, software development, logistics, and computational chemistry working in state-of-the-art facilities originally commissioned to manage Merck Sharpe & Dohme’s global collection.

Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder

Dr Sylviane Boucharens

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