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Sourcing, aggregating, plating and shipping a custom 144k screening library for a virtual drug discovery customer

BioAscent’s customer is a virtual drug discovery organisation, with expert in-house project teams managing multiple external contract research organisations in a virtual research structure.

The customer was looking for a solution to enable it to select, purchase, aggregate, plate and ship a custom screening library of ~144,000 compounds to multiple screening labs across the globe.

The library needed to be formatted for long-term storage, as well as to provide screening plates in a number of pre-defined and custom layouts, all in a compound-efficient and flexible manner.


With a large virtual network, complex requirements and multiple screening partners across the globe, the customer was faced with a number of challenges:


BioAscent’s Compound Management team worked with our customer to evaluate their requirements and designed a workflow which maximised usage of their library, preserving integrity and allowing for flexibility in plating requirements for multiple screening partners. Working together, BioAscent and aggregation partners were able to select and source compounds to ensure budgets were optimised, with suppliers identified on price, and availability of compounds in the required format. Where possible, samples were acquired in pre-weighed solid form (2µmole per tube), a format chosen to maximise budget and quality. Compounds were weighed by suppliers into consumables chosen by BioAscent, sent from the 11 suppliers to our aggregation partner for packaging, then sent on to BioAscent for aggregation and reformatting, with BioAscent handling logistics and customs clearance.

Compounds arrived at BioAscent as solid or dry film, except for 50,000 samples delivered in solution, and in a mixture of Matrix tubes and plates. BioAscent aggregated the compounds, registering details into our Mosaic database before dissolution in 100% DMSO.

Compounds were then stored in our automated Large Size Store (LSS) in individual Matrix tubes under controlled temperature (at -20°C +/-3°C) and humidity (mass 0.4g/kg water in air). The use of 2D Matrix tube storage technology facilitated automated rapid cherry picking of selected compounds, as well as reducing compound wastage, and ensuring the integrity and quality of the compounds.

Workflows and plate layouts were designed to maximise usage of the collection:

BioAscent’s expertise in logistics gives the customer peace of mind that the secure, rapid global shipping of compounds is in hand, and that any advice on customs and associated paperwork is readily available. In addition, the library was insured to its full value, giving the customer further peace of mind.

Impact and Benefits:

By working with BioAscent and our aggregation partner to source and manage the custom screening library, the customer was able to benefit in a number of ways:

BioAscent acts as the central hub for the customer’s virtual R&D network, managing compound aggregation, secure storage, ordering, dissolution and plating, and shipping.
The result: a collaborative approach from BioAscent and our compound aggregation partners, which provides the customer with the complete end-to-end compound management service.

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