BioAscent works with University of Edinburgh to form a unique set of compounds

Published: 24 September 2021

BioAscent worked closely with Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre (ECRC) at the University of Edinburgh to purchase a set of reference compounds for use in ECRC's unique phenotypic assays.

This external collection was amalgamated with selected compounds from BioAscent's library, to form a unique "toolbox" of compounds customised for ECRC's drug discovery and research programmes. Once hits from the toolbox were identified in ECRC's phenotypic assays, BioAscent was able to identify structurally similar molecules from BioAscent's compound library and external collections, which were then supplied to ECRC for follow up screening to confirm hits and probe Structure-Activity Relationships. BioAscent also produced on-demand screening sets from the compound collection and provided full compound management services on demand to ECRC.

Neil Carragher, Professor of Drug Discovery at the University of Edinburgh said:

"A key objective of the University of Edinburgh Cancer Drug Discovery group is to advance cell-based screening technologies beyond the current state-of-the-art. Our partnership with BioAscent combines our longstanding expertise in high content cell-based phenotypic screening with BioAscent's expertise in compound management and quality control processes for compound storage, identification and resupply. Our discussions with BioAscent have been very dynamic and interactive which has helped ensure we developed the compound management solution which best meets our needs. The ongoing relationship with BioAscent and their fast response times are directly supporting our broader goals to establish a world-leading cell-based screening capability which spans across multiple disease areas."

To find out more about Bioscent's library selection and sourcing capabilities, click here, and to find out more about BioAscent's compound library, click here. For more information about BioAscent's compound management services, click here.

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