Target analysis & bespoke screening strategies

Designing, running and interpreting the optimal assay cascade for your target


To identify and progress the most promising chemistry, and resolve the issues that inevitably arise, the right use of the right techniques at the right time is essential. This requires access to multiple techniques together with the expertise to run and interpret the results. This is a speciality at BioAscent and has developed by bringing together the use of biophysical, biochemical and cellular assays for over 150 molecular targets, providing corroborative and supportive data to create confidence in the results.


As part of our assay development/validation process we have developed a set of compounds known to cause interference in assays, so called PAINS activity, that can cause false positive results during screening (e.g. aggregators, redox cyclers, chelators etc.). We use these compounds during assay development to identify potential liabilities and can then either optimise the assay to minimise these ‘false positive’ effects, or in cases where these effects cannot be eliminated, we can put in place appropriate de-selection assays to quickly triage such compounds.

Key Expertise

Key expertise includes:

Design of assay cascades
Mechanistic profiling/molecular pharmacology
Focused library selection & iterative screening
Working with our medicinal chemists, rapid design-make-test cycles

Capabilities and Techniques

All common screening modalities

Absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence, FP, HTRF, TR-FRET, Alphascreen


High-throughput cellular screening system

Label-Free Cellular Impedance


Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

Biacore 8k

Thermal Shift/Differential Scanning Fluorimetry
Microscale Thermophoresis

Monolith NT.Automated

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3D Cell Culture and Imaging

Development of recombinant cell lines
Integrated HTS platform

with acoustic dispensing capable of screening >150 plates per day

Roylan Development StoragePod®

maintaining and drying plates in dry/low O2 atmosphere

Secure Data Analysis

software tools for secure Data Analysis in an industry standard, secure database

Licence to test controlled/scheduled substances

Our Experts

Director of Biosciences

Dr Stuart McElroy

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Director of Chemistry

Dr Angus Morrison

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Associate Director Biosciences

Dr Brian McFerran

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Associate Director of Chemistry

Dr Duncan McArthur

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Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr Phil Jones

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