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Managing a 250K screening library for a drug discovery customer

BioAscent’s customer is a US-based biotech company.  The customer was in the process of building their own internal screening library.  They required a partner to aggregate, store and manage this collection.

The library would need to be plated and shipped internally and to external partners to enable several HTS campaigns per year.  


Managing a screening library collection involves several challenges:


Compounds were delivered batch-wise to BioAscent in 2D Matrix tubes as solids. Each batch contained around 50,000 samples. BioAscent registered the compounds into our industry-standard Mosaic database before dissolution in DMSO.

The Matrix tubes containing the master stock were stored in our automated Large Size Store (LSS) under controlled temperature (at -20°C +/-3°C) and humidity (mass 0.4g/kg water in air). 2D Matrix tube storage technology facilitated automated rapid cherry picking of selected compounds where required. The use of split seal tube caps ensured that the Matrix tubes were never physically opened and exposed, ensuring excellent sample integrity.

In addition, random LCMS batch analysis was performed by BioAscent’s analytical chemistry team to ensure the integrity of each batch of compounds incorporated into the collection.

Plating workflows were designed to maximise the number of HTS campaigns which could be run from the library:

BioAscent’s expert logistics team provided secure and rapid global shipping of the delivery plates to the customer’s selected partner for screening, giving the customer peace of mind that their compounds would arrive safely at the destination.

Impact and Benefits:

For the customer, working with BioAscent to manage their library afforded a variety of benefits:

Overall, collaborating with BioAscent provided our customer with a cost-effective, efficient and reliable solution for the complete management of their HTS collection.

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