Compound Screening

Flexible virtual and experimental screening approaches optimised for your target, from HTS to iterative-, fragment-, focused- and diversity-based approaches


Our team has the expertise and equipment to design and run the optimal screening approach for your target – from high throughput screening (HTS), utilising libraries of hundreds-of-thousands of compounds, through to iterative-, fragment-, focused- and diversity-based approaches. Forged from our many years of experience, including with the significant portfolio of the European Lead Factory, we will help you analyse and interpret the data, recommending next steps, deploying hypothesis-based medicinal chemistry, and making a genuine scientific contribution to your project team.

Key Expertise

Key expertise includes:

High Throughput Screening (HTS)
Medium Throughput Screening (MTS)
Fragment screening
SAR (Structure-Activity Relationship) assay screening
Iterative screening
Hit triage and medicinal chemistry review
Mechanism of action studies
Virtual screening

We offer access to an in-house diversity-based library of 125K IP-free molecules, which can be used for HTS, or cherry-picked to build custom sets, enabling you to build the ideal library to match your needs.

BioAscent has also assembled a bespoke fragment library and has created both target-class biased libraries and smaller diversity collections from our main library to provide focussed and iterative screening capabilities for lead generation.

In addition, our computational chemists and compound management experts can work with you to design and cost-effectively source custom sets from the millions of compounds available in supplier databases. This provides our clients the opportunity to access bespoke screening strategies, tailoring the most scientifically valid approach to hit discovery with their budget.

The scientists at BioAscent have world-leading experience in interpretation of screening, including diversity based high throughput screens, as demonstrated by our work in the European Lead Factory, where we have worked collaboratively with our partners to drive the generation of validated hit series for more than 80 projects and provided high quality compound management services enabling more than 150 projects for nine pharma companies as well as the European Screening Centre.


Capabilities and Techniques

In-house diversity and fragment libraries

For HTS or design of custom subsets

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External library selection and sourcing

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All common screening modalities

Absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence, FP, HTRF, TR-FRET, Alphascreen


High-throughput cellular screening system

Label-Free Cellular Impedance


Surface plasmon resonance (SPR)

Biacore 8k

Thermal Shift/Differential Scanning Fluorimetry
Microscale Thermophoresis

Monolith NT.Automated

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3D Cell Culture and Imaging

Development of recombinant cell lines
Integrated HTS platform

With acoustic dispensing capable of screening >150 plates per day

Roylan Development StoragePod®

Maintaining drying plates in dry/low O2 atmosphere

Microscale Thermophoresis

Software tools for secure Data Analysis in an industry standard, secure database

Virtual Screening

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All Compound Screening Services available for controlled/scheduled substances

Our Experts

Director of Biosciences

Dr Stuart McElroy

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Director of Chemistry

Dr Angus Morrison

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Associate Director of Chemistry

Dr Duncan McArthur

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Associate Director of In Silico Discovery

Dr Angelo Pugliese

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Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr Phil Jones

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