External library selection & sourcing

Select and source custom screening libraries


The quality of starting chemical matter is key to determining the trajectory of success of a drug discovery project. High quality leads frequently advance more quickly to and through lead optimisation and prove more robust to failure in clinical development. Therefore, the selection of a high-quality starting point is a decision with long-lasting and potentially high-value consequences.

Our medicinal and computational chemists and compound management experts can work with you to design, cost-effectively source and format custom sets from the millions of compounds available in supplier databases.

We can work with you to select the right starting library for your target, combining one or more of the following approaches as best fits your project:

Whichever approach is taken, the selection and assembly of a bespoke compound set for a specific screen will likely require the cross-discipline expertise that BioAscent can provide, including:


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Dr Angus Morrison

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Dr Sylviane Boucharens

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Dr Angelo Pugliese

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Associate Director of Chemistry

Dr Duncan McArthur

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Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr Phil Jones

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