Utilising Project Management Skills for Drug Discovery

24 January 2023

At BioAscent, we work with customers to deliver complex projects to accomplish their drug discovery goals. Projects are...

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Meet the Team: Dr Christopher Faulkner

17 January 2023

BioAscent’s growing reputation for computational chemistry expertise has led to a continued increase in demand from cust...

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BioAscent promotes knowledge exchange through collaboration with University of Glasgow

09 December 2022

BioAscent has partnered with the University of Glasgow and Caldan Therapeutics to help support a Medical Research Scotla...

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BioAscent recognised for exceptional performance

08 November 2022

BioAscent has been recognised for its exceptional performance in 2021.The laboratory-based drug-discovery contract resea...

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Ada Lovelace Day 2022 – celebrating and inspiring women in STEM

11 October 2022

Ada Lovelace Day is an international day of celebration that aims to raise the profile of women in STEM to inspire other...

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Four summers at BioAscent: A personal and academic development journey

22 September 2022

Kirsty Tinto recently completed her fourth summer working at BioAscent as our marketing and business development intern....

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BioAscent launches Compound Connect web-based interface, allowing customers to securely manage their compound collections

11 September 2022

BioAscent has launched Compound Connect, a web-based interface that provides customers with secure access to a customise...

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Christophe Auberger appointed to drive continued growth in the US

01 September 2022

BioAscent has welcomed experienced business development professional, Christophe Auberger to focus on its continued expa...

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Advancements in generative AI: Implementation of an AI-assisted fragment library designer onto a widely accessible open-source platform

30 August 2022

BioAscent’s Associate Director of In Silico Discovery and Data Analysis, Dr Angelo Pugliese is co-author of a research a...

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BioAscent invests in enhancing automated chromatography capabilities

21 August 2022

Delivering final compounds fast and efficiently to our customers is essential to help drive projects to meet key project...

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