Globetrotting: A career journey from Italy to Scotland, with a few stops in between...

29 April 2022

Angelo Pugliese is a highly experienced computational chemist with over 15 years' experience working across differe...

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BioAscent invests in Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis System

17 March 2022

To improve our cell assay service offering, BioAscent has invested in a Sartorius Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis System whi...

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Investment in Echo 650 increases assay ready plate capabilities

18 January 2022

BioAscent has invested in a new Echo 650 Series Acoustic Liquid Handler and Access Workstation to support the automation...

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BioAscent granted Controlled Drug Licence

13 January 2022

BioAscent has been granted a Controlled Drug Licence, allowing the company to store and test scheduled substances on beh...

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New resistance-busting antibiotic combination could extend the use of 'last-resort' antibiotics

14 December 2021

Working in collaboration with teams at the University of Oxford and the Pivot Park Screening Centre as part of the Europ...

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BioAscent reports third year of high double-digit growth

09 December 2021

BioAscent is forecasting another year of significant growth, projecting revenue of £6.8m/€9.1m in 2021. This third conse...

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Lighthouse Lab in Glasgow recognised at THE Awards

03 December 2021

The University of Glasgow's Lighthouse Laboratory project has won the Knowledge Exchange/Transfer Initiative of the...

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Returning to science

25 November 2021

Following a long career break, Tanya Mathie thought that her chemistry days were over when she realised how tough it was...

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BioAscent’s compound management services prove stellar success with biotech companies

21 October 2021

BioAscent has reported a 50% increase in demand from biotech and “virtual” biotech companies for its outsourced compound...

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From academia to industry - graduate opportunities at BioAscent

05 October 2021

The transition from university life to industry can be a daunting experience for many, which is why BioAscent works hard...

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