US biotech uses BioAscent’s compound management service to accelerate screening of 250k library across multiple campaigns

Published: 08 July 2024

A US biotech company has partnered with compound management experts BioAscent to build, consolidate and manage its screening library containing 250,000 compounds.  By collaborating with an external compound management partner, the biotech benefitted from access to BioAscent’s state-of-the-art facility and expertise without the need for significant capital investment.

In order to successfully manage this large screening collection, BioAscent leveraged the team’s extensive experience in compound management and logistics. This involved implementing rigorous processes to ensure the quality and ongoing integrity of the compounds, maintaining accurate inventory records, utilising large-scale automation capabilities and ensuring quick and accurate compound retrieval.

The operational workflows used were designed by BioAscent to maximise efficient use of the library for high-throughput screening (HTS) campaigns. BioAscent employed state-of-the-art liquid handling systems to create mother plates, from which on-demand assay-ready plates could be produced. Rapid cherry-picking capabilities allowed for fast follow-up of hits.

Commenting on the project, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, Dr Sylviane Boucharens says:

“The expert team at BioAscent worked closely with our customer to design a tailored workflow, providing efficient management of the library.  Our state-of-the-art facilities and automated liquid handling capabilities ensured the integrity of the library throughout, ensuring peace of mind for the customer.”

Overall, collaborating with BioAscent provided the biotech with a cost-effective, efficient and reliable solution for the complete management of their screening collection.

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Our compound management services allow our customers to both save costs and accelerate their drug discovery. Operating since 2005, our €20 million facility stores and manages customer libraries ranging in size from tens to hundreds-of-thousands of compounds in both liquid and solid formats.

We support all stages of the drug discovery process from screening and hit identification through to lead optimisation and candidate selection, with on-site in vitro biosciences and medicinal chemistry available if required.

We provide both standalone activities on a fee-for service basis, as well as fully integrated compound management services.

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