Maximising efficient compound management

Published: 02 April 2019

BioAscent COO and Co-founder, Sylviane Boucharens, and Chief Commercial Officer, Mike Piper, were recently interviewed for a feature by the leading resource for life scientists, Biocompare, about how to maximise efficient compound management.

As a leading provider of integrated drug discovery services, in particular compound management, BioAscent is well placed to provide insights, expertise and guidance about why biotech and pharma companies should pay close attention to how efficient their compound management is. Defective compounds can mean lost time and money in the overall drug discovery workflow.

In the article, Sylviane highlights a number of key elements companies should focus on to boost their compound management efficiencies. She explains that a primary rule of compound management is knowing what compounds are available and in what quantity to ‘make sure the right compound will be delivered at the right time, in the right format, and in the right condition’. 

The article also explores the option and benefits of outsourcing certain services. In the article, Mike explains that outsourcing services can be key to compound management success and instrumental in gaining the same advantage that larger companies have, with features including secure storage, traceability, and control, as well as compound preparation support when turnaround time is critical.

You can read the complete article on the Biocompare website

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