Demand for in silico discovery expertise increases

Published: 10 February 2023

With a 400% increase in new customer projects over the last year (2022), it’s safe to say that demand for BioAscent’s in silico discovery expertise is increasing at a rapid pace. Since our computational chemistry offering was launched in January 2021, the team has supported an ever-growing number of drug discovery projects, with clients ranging from small, virtual biotechs through to larger, well-established pharma companies.

Demand is coming from customers in the US and the UK, working across a number of therapeutic areas, such as CNS. As well as standalone computational chemistry and machine learning, many of these projects have been integrated, which has involved working alongside BioAscent’s expert team of medicinal chemists and biologists.

Commenting on the growth, Associate Director and Head of In Silico Discovery, Angelo Pugliese, says:

“This strong drive in demand for our expertise has been encouraging to see. To meet this demand and maintain our high levels of service, BioAscent has been continually recruiting top talent into the in silico discovery team, which has in turn enabled us to expand our skill set and capabilities.”

The computational chemists at BioAscent are experienced in applying cutting-edge in silico methodologies to drug design and discovery; we are progressive in the way we work, embracing new technologies as required by customer projects.

To find out more about in silico discovery services at BioAscent, click here, and to find out about our latest vacancies, visit the careers page.

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