Case study: Supporting the compound management value proposition

Published: 05 November 2020

BioAscent has a long-standing relationship with Titian Software, and in a recent case study put together by the team at Titian, BioAscent explains how it has used Mosaic sample management since day one to underpin its services by managing its inventory, sample processing and audit trail.

Mosaic is the market-leading sample management software that is used to track and manage every step of the sample lifecycle. Mosaic also tracks the libraries that BioAscent holds for compound management customers and is the software used to manage custom cherry picking, plating and pooling of our in-house diversity and fragment libraries.

The software supports BioAscent's compound management service by providing process quality, a comprehensive audit trail, high data quality and accurate inventory. All of this enhances the customer experience, giving greater peace of mind.

Case study: Supporting the compound management value proposition.

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