BioAscent invests in second Biacore 8K machine to meet growing customer demand for expert SPR services

Published: 24 September 2021

BioAscent has invested in a second Biacore 8k SPR System, further enhancing its biophysical assay development and screening capabilities. 

This additional Biacore 8k provides BioAscent with extra capacity for employing Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), a label free technique that allows the assessment of biomolecular interactions in real time. It enhances the exceptional biophysical assay development and screening capabilities and expertise already available at BioAscent via our existing SPR, Thermal Shift and Microscale Thermophoresis (MST) capabilities, all of which investigate molecular interactions.

SPR offers a range of benefits over other biophysical techniques including:

More specifically, the benefits of the Biacore 8k include:

The additional Biacore 8k allows BioAscent to offer increased SPR capacity to support customer research programmes through all stages of the drug discovery process from early hit identification, hit optimisation through to lead candidate. To find out more about our biochemical, biophysical and cellular assay development expertise, click here.

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