BioAscent invests in Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis System

Published: 17 March 2022

To improve our cell assay service offering, BioAscent has invested in a Sartorius Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis System which automatically acquires and analyses cell images in real time in either microplates or cell culture flasks.  

The Incucyte microscope has 4X, 10x and 20X objectives with 3 fluorescence channels, a large (6 microplate) scanning area and bright field and phase contrast imaging. It does not require proprietary consumables meaning that multiple different plate types/flasks can be tested at the same time. It uses powerful automated image acquisition and analysis software which easily displays data for long term live cell experiments.  

The Incucyte is a highly flexible assay platform that supports multiple applications where we can gain dynamic insights into cell health, cell function and cell movement and morphology over a time frame of days or weeks as they sit in the stable environment of a cell culture incubator. 

In addition to providing a significant expansion of capability in studying tumour spheroids, co-cultures, immunoassays, and neuroinflammation, the SX5 model we invested in will also help us move deeper into new areas of research such as neuronal activity assays which are extremely technically challenging in vitro.  

The system, which was installed at the end of December, is already being used on multiple BioAscent Projects, with many members of the BioAscent team having previous experience developing and running assays using the Incucyte. 

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