Our Location

Our Newhouse site is close to Glasgow (16 miles) and Edinburgh (30 miles), with good transport links and 3 international airports within 40 miles.

Our Compound Management Capabilities

The BioAscent Automated Compound Store has three individually housed, environmentally controlled -200C stores for compound solutions, and a dedicated Kardex powder store.

Our facility offers a compound logistics platform which is flexible and scalable; from workstations for automated solubilisation of samples, to full robotic systems which reformat and replicate plates in 96, 384 and 1536-well plate formats, in a dry and controlled atmosphere to avoid DMSO water capture and preserve the quality of the compound in solution.


We can store compounds in a range of plate formats, 2D Matrix tubes and REMP Storage Microtube Technology.

Solubilized samples can be divided into multiple aliquots in individual REMP microtubes, each containing just the right volume for single use, and thawed once just before use in an assay. The microtubes are individually sealed and can be selected straight into a delivery rack when needed using the store’s rapid robotic cherry picking capability.

This means that cherry picking occurs within the environmentally controlled storage system, virtually eliminating the risk of sample degradation arising from multiple freeze/thaw cycles and providing the flexibility of random, rapid and individual selection and arrangement of only needed samples – when they are needed.

Using the single use tube storage technology reduces wastage of compounds, eliminates the need to store locally in sub-optimal conditions, and ensures the integrity and quality of the compounds being tested.

Our Systems for Securing your Collections

Our facility is constructed to provide the maximum protection possible for valuable collections, with a geographic location selected for its lack of extreme weather conditions and earthquakes. There is redundancy designed into the cooling systems, and extensive fire protection with the three REMP liquid stores, and Kardex powder store housed in four independent fire-protected enclosures, each fitted with fire extinguishing systems (Argonite/FE-13).

Our IT Infrastructure

In addition to secure off site backup provision, the IT infrastructure includes identical servers, located in separate buildings, fitted with fire protection and ventilation systems. Hardware and software are both designed to offer the maximum redundancy to avoid any interruption of operations.

We use Mosaic, from Titian, for our workflow management, inventory tracking and ordering system.



Mosaic is the most widely used software in sample management, giving full control of samples, managing the compound inventory, storage, processing and remote ordering.