…Maximise Asset Value and Reduce Discovery Costs.


Increase the quality, value, access and protection of your compound collections

  1. We operate a modern, Automated Compound Management Service, offering flexible storage, retrieval, and rapid “cherry-picking” capability
  2. We can act as a centralised safe haven for inventory consolidation
  3. Our facility has existing capacity to hold several million compounds

Full Compound Management and Logistics Service

  1. Automated Compound Management
  2. Compound Shipping and Logistics
  3. Compound Procurement
  4. Inventory Consolidation and Management
  5. Compound Weighing
  6. Compound Solubilisation
  7. Quality Control
  8. Automated Reformatting in controlled, low humidity environment (96, 384 and 1536-well plates)
  9. Storage of partial or full collections, both solid and liquid samples, in multiple storage formats
  10. Library Housekeeping / Reconfiguration

Rapid Cherry-Picking Capability

  1.  Maximise innovation, minimise screening costs
    • Pre-select compounds of interest
    • Knowledge-driven selection of custom compound sets¬†enables ‘Smart Screening’, lowering reagent costs
  1. Maximise collection lifespan, minimise compound burn rate
    • Optimal storage (dry, -200C)
    • Reduced freeze-thaw cycles
    • Small volume, single-use tubes