Maximise lead-finding open innovation and increase the success rate of discovery projects.

  1. Access new high quality chemistry space
  2. Gather biological data with your compound collections
  3. Get involved in academic and startup innovation
  4. Commercialise your specialist compound collections


We are a
confidential partner-matching service, facilitating compound collection sharing (under owner-specific terms) with pharma, biotech or academic institutes.

To promote open innovation, we work with research groups with an interest in accessing focused compound collections, and groups that are looking to allow greater access to their own novel compound collections.

We provide:

  1. A confidential partner-matching service
  2. Help in finding suitable collaborative partners
  3. High quality management and storage of collections
  4. Confidential compound information handling
  5. Shipping and logistics support to facilitate sharing
  6. Partner-specific inventory management

– we do not claim any IP, milestones or royalties for successful collaborations.

It works in various ways: let’s take a closer look at 3 models for compound collection sharing.

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Or do you have a collection of innovative compounds that you would like to share or commercialise?
We will help you find suitable partners that match your drug discovery innovation goals.
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Compound Collection Sharing in action

ELF_smallSince January 2013 we have been successfully implementing the sharing of the Joint European Compound Collection, composed of novel libraries supplied by 7 European pharma companies.

  1. We fingerprint the compounds to protect identity and ownership, allowing sharing of the collection with partners, without risk of confidential data leakage
  2. Our secure database allows monitoring of individual collections by the collection donors
  3. We supply compounds ready-formatted for screening according to partner specifications, and re-supply compounds for hit confirmation through our online ordering system

“BioAscent is a key player for the European Lead Factory providing high-performance compound logistic and management services”

– Prof. Dr. Eckhard Ottow, Head Global External Innovation & Alliances, Bayer Pharma AG