66% of Scientific companies are checking their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans more regularly as a consequence of the large number of catastrophic natural disasters in 2011.

…what is your strategy?

This data should certainly give some cause for concern. Natural Disasters account for 37% of service disruption – failure of equipment, software or people account for the rest.

BioAscent provides a customised Business Continuity Service to support your Compound Collection Management & Logistics Risk Management and Disaster Recovery Strategy, providing you with the ability to continue worldwide Compound Management and Logistics in the event of an operational failure at your facility.

Our coverage can range from Backup Compound Collection Storage, to a worst case where we can rapidly provide a full Compound Management, Logistics & Shipping service for your worldwide drug discovery operations, until your own facility is restored to operation.


Our Facility is Designed to Protect Your Compound Collection

We are perfectly designed to protect and consolidate your valuable compound inventory.

    1. Former major Pharma site with high-level security systems
    2. Located safe from natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons)
    3. Facility constructed for fire protection with extensive fire suppression systems
    4. IT Infrastructure fully redundant with secure, multiple-location backup

By safely and securely storing complete backup copies of valuable corporate compound collections in a Pharma-quality facility, you greatly reduce the risk of catastrophic loss.


Why accept inferior storage solutions for your backup collections?

We have the capacity, flexibility, speed and expertise to match your requirements.

  1. 1M+ compound existing storage capacity
  2. Collections can be accepted and stored in a wide range of storage formats
  3. Rapid access to collection when required
  4. International compound shipping experts – storage facility near 3 international airports
  5. Remote or on-site management option

For more details, see our Facility Specifications.

Choose Your Coverage

Our three plans suggest levels for protecting your business, but this can be completely customised to suit:

business_continuity_tableWorkflow Optimisation: We’ll maximise the cost effectiveness of your compound management and storage.
Point-in-time or Dynamic Backup: Storage of your compound collection, either from a fixed point-in-time or updated as your collection grows.
Rapid Shipment options: Your compounds can be shipped to pre-selected destinations anywhere in the world to guarantee continuity of your drug discovery operations.
Full Compound Management: A customised option to deliver full compound management services in the event of a failure of your facilities.


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